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Warehouse Cleaning and Restoration Services

 Have You Been Procrastinating The Spring Cleaning Of Your Commercial Space?

If you own a commercial space, a cleaning project can seem daunting. However, putting it off only makes matters worse. If a space is allowed to accumulate dust, debris, carbon deposits (from stored vehicles or equipment), putting off a good cleaning only makes it more difficult to get good results. Under Pressure Inc, has seen this over and over again. Luckily, with our expert teams, and decades of experience, we know how to remove those stubborn deposits from your warehouse or shop, from rafters to flooring. Contact us today for a free estimate!


A Clean Warehouse Is Important To You. Warehouse cleaning is part of maintenance. You have most likely invested a lot of money into your warehouse or shop, between upkeep and maintenance. Keeping a warehouse clean does a number of things. A clean warehouse is a representation of you, and your company. If a potential client enters a space that has been allowed to deteriorate, a client might think twice about where they do their business. A thorough warehouse cleaning can also create a safer workplace, by eliminating dirt, grease and dust. Airborne dust is unhealthy to warehouse workers and it can be a fire risk. Contact us to see how we can help you return your warehouse space to its best possible condition.


Warehouse Cleaning Can Increase The Value Of Your Building

Whatever you use your warehouse for, a good warehouse cleaning can extend the life of your building as well add value to it. Wheather you use your warehouse to store other peoples goods and /or equipment, or your own, a clean space results in whatever is in it, also staying clean. Under Pressure Inc. Also offers commercial painting services. If your warehouse is looking a little drab, a good bright color will reflect light better, resulting in you having to use less lighting. By using less lighting, your space becomes more efficient, green, and most importantly a lower electricity bill! Besides creating aesthetic value, warehouse cleaning creates real, bottom line value!

Warehouse Cleaning Can Help With Stubborn Mold And Mildew Problems

Once mold and mildew gain hold, it can feel as though they are impossible to remove. At Under Pressure Inc, we specialize in mold and mildew remediation. After good warehouse cleaning, Under Pressure Inc will find the affected areas, and the possible source and reasons. After treating the areas with the appropriate remediation agents, and ample drying time, we can help you win that battle, for good! Mold and mildew are linked to several health risks, and can risk the health of your employees, and their production.

If Your Warehouse Floor Is Covered In Grease, Grime And Algae, We Can Help You!

Under Pressure Inc. uses state of the art equipment, along with a highly knowledgeable and skilled staff, to return your warehouse to like new

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Is Our Speciality

A Clean Warehouse Floor, Is A Safe Warehouse Floor

condition from floors to rafters. We use state of the art equipment to ensure the best results, removing even the most stubborn spots, stains, rust and built up grime from your floors. Often after removing the heavy grease and grime, we find rust stains, which have probably been there for years. Once we get the heavy cleaning done, our team of experts assesses the situation and determines the correct rust removal agent, to attain a truly clean floor, right down to the last detail. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project.


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