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Under Pressure Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the field of commercial residential property cleaning. UPI has the capability to clean any apartment complex, hotel, dormitory or condominium. Residential property cleaning is a necessity for any property manager. Keeping your property clean makes it more appealing, and easier to sell or rent to prospective clients. A clean property is also a well maintained property. By keeping your building and the surrounding walkways, driveways and garages clean, you also prolong their life and reduce maintenance costs. Under Pressure has all of the tools and experience needed to clean any surface of your property. We can pressure wash, or steam clean any surface, removing all debris, returning your property to like new condition.



  1. Safety: This primarily applies to properties with covered parking garages, and other enclosed spaces. Thoroughly cleaning an enclosed space will help remove the buildup of harmful or damaging substances.
    1. commercial residential building cleaning - removing petroleum buildup from parking areas Leaked vehicle fluids such as oil, and other hydraulic fluids cause a few safety issues. Primarily, an oil leak is a slip and fall waiting to happen. A professional cleaning can prevent that.
    2. Fuel leaks and spills happen all the time, leaving a residue that is corrosive. The fumes can also be a danger to your tenants. The offensive odor can also turn away potential tenants.
  2. Aesthetics: Your Buildings exterior and surrounding walkways are the first thing that potential new tenants or clients see. Keeping these surfaces clean is a positive reinforcement for your existing tenants, and a selling point for new tenants.
  3. Maintenance:
    1. Keeping your property clean, removes corrosive debris from your building and all surrounding areas. If you have multiple apartment buildings or condominiums with a courtyard, adjoining walkways,  pool & recreation area, the winter has taken its toll.
    2. If you have a covered parking garage the driveway is most likely covered in salt from the winter. As a vehicle sits in its parking spot, it inevitably leaks vehicle fluids.  An annual cleaning will prolong the life of your paved surfaces. A power washing will create a clean, safe environment for your tenants.
  4. Environment:
    1. Keeping spaces such as your parking garage and walkways clean, will remove buildup that is harmful to the environment and your tenants.
    2. When  you have Under Pressure Inc. come to your property and perform a thorough cleaning, you, your tenants and management will see the benefits.