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Pressure Washing, Cleaning, & Restoration

Under Pressure leverages our many years of experience with a continued focus on commercial and industrial projects. 

Although pressure washing is the primary tool in our toolbox, we are able to use a variety of cleaning and restoration methods that will help ensure the outcome that clients are looking for. Some of these tools include media (sand, soda,dry-ice, corn-cob), painting and specialty coatings as well as other applications, remediation products and methods. In early 2016, Teresa Esler and Reece Johnson, acquired Mobile Washer and changed the name to Under Pressure, elevating the level of service, to focus on the growing need for industrial maintenance and cleaning.



Our History

Under Pressure started out as Mobile Washer, which was founded in 1991 by Jeff and Sherrill Schutz.

The company started out pressure washing houses, truck fleets and restaurant hoods, but soon developed a niche in cleaning the interior and exterior of commercial and industrial buildings such as vehicle maintenance shops and manufacturing facilities.

In 2006 Mobile Washer completed their first one-million plus square foot industrial cleaning and restoration project at the Pirelli Tire Factory in Hanford, CA.

Their experience working on large scale projects led to another 1.4 million square foot restoration at the Continental Tire Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then Mobile Washer has traveled the country working on such projects as cleaning the exterior of large ground storage tanks for CF Industries; cleaning and sanitizing hundreds of poultry barns after the avian flu outbreak; and cleaning of hundreds of wind turbines as they are being installed.

Pressure washing before and after photos

Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing Minnesota
Pressure Washing Minnesota
Pressure Washing Minnesota
Pressure Washing Minnesota

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